Sunday, December 17, 2017

Niburu with Arturia DrumBrute (DnB / Jungle 2017)

Saturday, August 5, 2017

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DJ Galactic - Soul2tech

Galactic Funk (DJ Galactic)

Monday, July 24, 2017

DJ Galactic - Future Jazz (Drum and Bass) Jam Korg ESX2

DJ Galactic - Future Jazz (Drum and Bass) Jam Korg Electribe Sampler 2 from the DnB Prototype Project. Jamming, sampling, and Jazz wh I made from one of my upcoming track Only Paradise from the Drum and Bass / Jungle Prototype that hopefully will rise to the sky in 2018. Simplicity is the key it s one of the beat that use the fewest channels on any of my tracks, and it s crazy what you can achieve with few elements ; I re-sampled my track Only Paradise chopped it and detune which create a totally different sound, with applying different filters + effects on it...

Friday, July 21, 2017

Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) - Vs Hippie Sabotage DJ Galactic DnB Remix

Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) - Vs Hippie Sabotage (DJ Galactic #DnB #Remix)

Friday, May 19, 2017

DnB Soul Power Session (DJ Galactic Mix)

DnB Soul Power Session (DJ Galactic Mix) May 2017 Live DJ Mix (Drum and bass / Jungle)

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

4U Feat Anne So (Soul2tech)

4U Feat Anne So -Soul2tech (DJ Galactic)

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Soul2tech Album (Electronic Music / House Music) 2017

Symbioza (feat Anne So)
Back To reality
Insomniak (Feat Sarah Jenny)
Live on
4U (Feat Anne So & Djiss)
Outer Space
Living Dream

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Syndrome - Korg iMS-20 with Ipad

Walking around (Prototype 2017)

Wisdom (DnB / Jam Session 5776) / Korg ESX2

Sand Storm - Korg iElectribe

Aircraft with Korg iElectribe Apple iPad

Soul2tech - Groovy Mix 2016 (DJ Galactic)

Symbioza Feat Anne Sophie (Soul2tech 2016)

Korg Electribe Sampler : Deja Vu (DnB 2016)

Outer Space (Soul2tech 2016) Electro House

The Legendary Fake - La La Lovely (Drum and Bass / DJ Galactic Remix 2016)

Insomniak / Soul2Tech (feat Sarah Jenny) - Electro House

OUTSIDER (Drum and BASS) by DJ Galactic

Korg EMX-1 vs Roland TR8 (Techno / House)

Soul2Tech Origins Live DJ Mix (House Music 2015) by DJ Galactic

Korg EMX-1 - 4ever (Drum and Bass Prototype)

Inner Soul - Live (Techno) with Korg EMX-1

Birmingham (House Music) by DJ Galactic

OUTSIDER (Drum and BASS) by DJ Galactic


RED DREAM with Ipad Air2 + The Drum Machine (DM1) by DJ Galactic

Roland TR-8 Tech House live jam "U Turn" (DJ Galactic)

Roland TR-909 JAM PT1 (DJ Galactic)

Tribal Zone - Korg EMX-1 (House Music) by DJ Galactic

Roland MV-8800 / Soultitude live Beat Making

Living Dream (Electro House - Soul2tech)

Roland TR-909 vs Korg-EMX "Spirits " (DJ Galactic)

Hip Hop Beat Making CLASSICO MV 8800 (DJ Galactic)

Roland TR-909 : The Walker (DJ Galactic)

Live Electro "PLANET" with iPAD DM1 + KP3 (DJ Galactic)

"Green Light" (Techno Music) Ipad with Rebirth by DJ Galactic

Proton With Korg EMX and Kaoss Pad 3 (DJ Galactic)

Analogia - Sequencing Korg MS-20 Mini & Moog Slim Phatty with EMX-1

DISTRICT - Live Electronic Music (DJ Galactic)

Unleash the Bass -Apple iPad Korg MS-20 Mini & DM1 (DJ Galactic)

Shock Wave with Korg MS-20 Mini (DJ Galactic)

AKAI iMPC / Ipad Music Session (DJ Galactic)

Planetarium with Korg iPolysix (DJ Galactic)

Korg iKaossilator "Prelude" (DJ Galactic)

Roland MV-8800- Moonlight (French House) by DJ Galactic

Dave Smith Tempest "AERO" (DJ Galactic)

A Star in the Sky live Electronic Music (DJ Galactic)

Korg EMX-1 Electrizer / Techno (DJ Galactic)

Electronica / Down Tempo with Reason 4 (DJ Galactic)

2013 Beat Making with MV 8800 (DJ Galactic)

Nightmare with Korg-EMX-1(DJ Galactic)

UberFunky Beat with Korg iPolysix (DJ Galactic)

Polyjazz Wizard with Korg iPolysix (DJ Galactic)

PolyFunk with Korg Ipolysix (DJ Galactic)

Korg EMX-1 (Electro Mix) 2012 "Android"by DJ Galactic

Roland MV 8800 Music Video "Lights" by DJ Galactic

BEACH with Dm1 on Ipad (DJ Galactic)

Aircraft on Apple Ipad with Ielectribe (DJ Galactic)

Beat Making Electro Jazz (Korg Electribe) - DJ Galactic

Eclectic with Korg Electribe (DJ Galactic)

Korg iMS20 with Apple Ipad2 (DJ Galactic)

Lost Keys (korg Electribe Emx-1) by DJ Galactic

The Force (Electro / French House) by DJ Galactic

Korg iKaossilator (with Apple Ipad 2) by DJ Galactic

Roland MV 8800 - Beat making Video (DJ Galactic)

DM1 - Burst The Bass with Apple Ipad2 (DJ Galactic)

Cosmos (Electribe + Koass Pad) by DJ Galactic

The Drum Machine (DM1) on Apple Ipad 2 "Planet" by DJ Galactic

WILD NIGHTS (Techno) on Rebirth with Ipad2 (DJ Galactic)

Zuppa Techno (Ipad2 with Korg iElectribe) by DJ Galactic

Ipad 2 with Korg iELECTRIBE (DJ Galactic)

ASTRONEPH by DJ Galactic (Electronica / Dance)

Nostalgie (Electro House) by DJ Galactic

Viral (Electronica / Dance) Live Mix by DJ Galactic

The Human Race / French House (DJ Galactic)

Nowhere - DJ Galactic(Electronica / French Touch)

Gravity (Techno / Trance Music) by DJ Galactic

Sonic (French Touch/ Electro) / DJ Galactic

Elements / Electro House (DJ Galactic 2011)

Mikrosonic RD3 Groovebox (Samsung I9000 Galaxy S) by DJ Galactic

Sisma (Electronic Music) by DJ Galactic

Electrum Drum Machine with Samsung I9000 Galaxy S by DJ Galactic

Emotions (DJ Galactic) EMX + Radias Filter

The Way (Electronic Music / DJ Galactic)

Illusions Electro Funk with MC909 (DJ Galactic)

Vitrual (Korg Electribe MX1) DJ Galactic

Latency (Lounge Music / Funk) by DJ Galactic

GroovyMan with MC 808 (DJ Galactic)

Beat making with Korg Electribe MX (DJ Galactic)

Roland MC-808 with Korg Electribe EMX1 Live Mix (DJ Galactic)

Psychedelic Signal (Electro House) by DJ Galactic

Fly Away (Lounge Music / Ambient Chill) by DJ Galactic

For You and me (DJ Galactic 2010) Electribe + MC-909 (French Touch)

Listen to the music with MC-909 (Techno / House)

Binary (Minimal Techno) by DJ Galactic

Koass Pad 3 Jamming "Bizaroid" (DJ Galactic)

The Comet with Korg EMX-1 + Koass Pad 3 (DJ Galactic)

Believe in Yourself Electronic Music (DJ Galactic)

Divine (Techno / Trance) with korg EMX by DJ Galactic

Delirium - Korg EMX-1 Techno (DJ Galactic)

Korg Emx-1 (Techno) Suburbia (DJ Galactic)

Roland MC 909 and Korg EMX "Xa"(Techno by DJ Galactic)

Electronic Music (Down Tempo) "Again" by DJ Galactic

Da Wonderful World (Techno / Electro) with Korg EMX by DJ Galactic

Korg EMX-1 / Da Zound (Techno)

Korg EMX-1 / Da Zound (Techno)

Korg Electribe EMX-1 Jam (Techno)

MC 909 Electronic Music (lounge / techno) "Electro Effect" Mix DJ Galact...

Roland MC-909 Live Electronic Music (Down Tempo by DJ Galactic)

Roland MC-909 "Never" Techno (DJ Galactic)

Roland MC-909 Electronic Music (Down Tempo / DJ Galactic)

Roland-MC 909 Electronica / Techno (DJ Galactic)

Roland-MC 909 Electronica / Techno (DJ Galactic)

Roland-MC 909 Electronica / Techno (DJ Galactic)

Roland MC-909 Groove box Far Away (Techno) by DJ Galactic

Roland MC 909 ''Again'' Electronic Music (Downtempo / Drum nd Bass) Ro...

Roland MC-909 - DJ Galactic (Techno)

Roland MC 909 - "Cool Down" with Roland (DJ Galactic)

Electro Jazz groove in Paris (DJ Galactic)

DJ Galactic the drummer

DJ Galactic Electro Funk live with Microkorg

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Liquid DnB Mixtape Feb 2017

Liquid DnB Mixtape Feb 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017

Walking around (Prototype 2017)

Walking around dnb 2017 prototype 5-(DJ Galactic): drum and bass (DnB) track for starting 2017 from the prototype project. Walking around made in the move from the track to the short clip with my pet Guly....feel free to give your feedback and hope that's not too noisy! Happy new year 2017

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Wisdom (DnB / Jam Session 5776) / Korg ESX2

Live Jam Session with Korg Electribe Sampler 2 / ESX2 (DJ Galactic). Free track here Wisdom (DnB Prototype). Jamming is the way to reach limitless music experience; in a world where everything has to look perfect, jamming is taking risks with mistakes and strength, maybe that's the price to pay to reach one day the wisdom. Feel free to leave your comments Peace!
Electro Jazz / Nu / DnB / Drum & Bass / Jungle





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Sand Storm - Korg iElectribe

Sand Storm - Korg iElectribe : DnB Prototype 4 (DJ Galactic).
Live drum and bass jam with iElectribe Korg on Apple iPad 2016.


Zound Records





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Aircraft with Korg iElectribe Apple iPad

Aircraft with Korg iElectribe Apple iPad. Live electronic music jam with some stigmatization of the effects. Weird music, but really funny to play with....